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Give me some girth because I'm done with the little baby shaving brush handles!

Until last year, the morning shave was always a necessary chore every day. After being exposed to the wet shave experience and so many facets to it, I decided to make a change. And, it was definitely a change for the better. Keeping my same razor and shaving cream, I was able to add wet shaving to my morning routine and never looked back. Sometimes I change up razors and/or creams. But the only constant - I always use a wet shaving brush. I tried natural badger, natural boar and all types of synthetic. With advantages and disadvantages to both. Some of the biggies - natural hair has a definite odor when wet but they have a firmness that synthetic hair does not - synthetic hair does not smell when wet.

And, during all this time, I got tired of the same old small brush handles. If you can't beat em, join em. Create your own larger than life handles. Granted, there is nothing wrong with the traditional shape and size of the average wet shaving brush. I just wanted to give men (and women) a greater range of choices. So, here we are at this junction of creativity meets personality. Instead of just making typical brush handles, I decided not to only make some of them wider and longer but to give each brush a name and identity. Something different. Each brush is a one of a kind creation. Never repeated again. Just think of many different versions of the Mona Lisa. All great brushes, with variations of each one. Individuality at its finest.

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