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Whet Shaving Brushes Gallery

What we have to offer, how it is made, photos from the shop, people we actually like and pics of stuff we think is pretty cool!

10.26.19 - Another Delivery of some Complimentary Whet Shaving Brushes to Zee @ Zee's Platinum Cuts and Styles, 719.390.2865, Zee, thanks for checking them out. Gonna be good for both of us.

10.26.19 - Dropped off some complimentary Whet Shaving Brushes to my homeboy Rashad Smith @ Cutting Up Cololorado, Barber, Colorado Springs, CO - 719.649.9693. Rashad, we appreciate you using our product. I hope to get you some more in the future!

Another group on the website.....check it out...

Add some gray to the glow, resin and wood!

A little bit of glow, resin and wood!

Beginning Pics....

The Woods have arrived

Right side end. Look at that glow.

Light shining through.

Nice to have Cotton Candy on both ends!

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