Wet shaving is coming back like a vengance.  Remember your dad, grandad or uncle shaving with a with a brush and cup - and maybe a straight razor in the morning?  Well, we decided to jump on the old school band wagon and concentrate on the application side.  You can get into the wet shaving phenomenon by any choice.  You can change to a straight razor, go from gel or foam cream to a soap bar or powder, or you can just dip your feet into the pool with getting a shaving brush.  

The shaving brush has a few great qualities.  It can actually raise the hair that is laying down on your face in the morning leaving a possibility of a very close shave.  Massaging the face is not bad either.  Use moderately hot/warm water and lather your brush fully.  Wet your face with the same water before applying your lather.  Lather wise you can use your favorite soap, powder, foam or gel.  That's the beauty of it, you can still employ your preferred method shaving while adding the shaving brush to your armamentarium. 

So, try a wet shaving brush and see if you like it.  I can tell you, just like flossing, once you start and get used to it, you won’t be able to shave without it.  You’ll be married to it!