Valerie and I were able to take some time off over the Labor Day weekend and do a quick road trip to Omaha and Kansas City.  I haven't been back to either in a few years.  I grew up in KC and went to undergrad / grad in Omaha, Creighton University.  Both places have sparked long-lasting and true friendships that have stood the test of time.  I packaged a few of my custom shaving brushes with me to give out to friends along the way.  

When I broke them out to give to them, each of their faces were priceless!  They knew what they were, but why was I giving it to them.  And a better looking face when I told them I actually made it in my own shop.  More than priceless.  They all three were grateful and were willing to try them out.   That's all I could ask of them.   It was great to give them a momento prior to my return to Colorado. 

I'm looking forward to the feedback from my three friends.  Like I said, sometimes friends are just as good as family!  Kudos to Karlton, Gary and Mark......

BTW... still waiting to hear from Mr. Bill and his new shaving brush experience?